Closed Events

To hold a closed event (Katemcy is only open to your group and closed to all others) a $3,000 deposit is required. This deposit covers up to 60 vehicles. Any additional vehicles are charged the standard rates. Please contact Shain about scheduling any closed events.


Open Events

When an open event is scheduled, the known clubs and groups are listed; however, open events mean the property has met it's 30 rig quota and is open to wheel by anyone after gate fees are paid.

NOTE: Those groups wishing to make a weekend trip to Katemcy Rocks and have at least 30 rigs that are committed to sign up for a $60 weekend (Saturday and Sunday), please contact Shain or Randy to make arrangements for a date.

KATEMCY ROCKS can usually accommodate most requests, however, two event weekends a month are normal procedure.


Randy Kruse
email: randy@kruseranches.com

Shain Chapman
email: chapmanlawoffices@gmail.com