Please read and understand all of the information on this web page prior to your arrival at KATEMCY ROCKS.

We want all visitors to have a positive experience at our park; understanding and abiding by these rules and regulations are the first step.


1. No alcohol on the trails. No exceptions, no refunds. If you violate this rule you will be asked to leave the property without a refund of your money.

2. No illegal drugs. This will result in immediate expulsion from the park and local law enforcement will be called to the scene.

3. No night wheeling. You must be in camp before the gates close at dusk. If your vehicle cannot make it back to camp before dusk you must come to camp and inform Shain or Randy of your situation. Your vehicle will be fine on the trail overnight and you can return to it as soon as the gates open the following morning.

4. No destruction of trees, bushes, or moving of large rocks. If there is a tree, bush, boulder, etc. that prevents your travel on the trail because your vehicle is too wide/tall/short, under-equipped, disabled, etc. you cannot remove, destroy, or damage the tree, boulder, etc. without prior approval of Shain or Randy.

5. No wheeling alone. IF you receive permission to wheel without a trail guide, you must have at least two vehicles in your group.

6. All vehicle occupants must wear seat belts at any time the vehicle is in motion.

7. Do not drive in the stock tanks, ponds, or creek crossings unless a designated trail enters a creek crossing.

8. Do not create your own trails without the express permission of Randy or Shain.

9. Do not travel through closed gates. Certain portions of this ranch are off limits to four wheeling. Do not enter these closed pastures.

10. Clean up any spills of fluids of fuel by you or your group.

11. No loud music after 12:00 midnight.

12. Loud or disruptive behavior after 12:00 midnight may be grounds for your expulsion.

13. No ATVs, UTVs, or motorcycles.

14. Except on special events, wheeling hours are Saturday 8:30 a.m. until dark, Sunday 8:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

15. Do not litter. This is a pack-in/pack-out facility. Do not leave your trash, including cigarette butts, on the trail. Pack out the trash that you create at camp.

16. All guests MUST sign a release upon entering the premises.

17. Tread Lightly!

If you violate any of these rules you will be asked to leave the property without a refund of your money. If you break any rule or exhibit improper behavior that results in the injury of another person you will be permanently ejected and banned from the property.


1. A properly anchored roll cage is MANDATORY on any vehicle attempting any level 4 or higher rated trail. Drivers of vehicles observed on 4+ trails without a roll cage will be asked to leave the premises.

2. Roll bars and/or factory metal hard tops are minimum mandatory requirements on all trail vehicles for any level trail. Vehicles a factory hardtop or roll bar but no roll cage are permitted only on 1-3 rated trails. Open top vehicles without roll bars are not permitted on any trails.

3. Seat belts for all vehicle occupants at any time the vehicle is in motion.

4. Any vehicle determined to be unsafe on the trail by either Randy or Shain will not be allowed on the trails.


The following items are not required, but it is suggested that you have the following:

• Tools
• High Lift jack/bottle jack
• Self recovery equipment (tow strap, tree saver, snatch block, etc...)
• Winch
• First aid kit
• Spare parts (driveshaft u-joints, axle shaft u-joints, Hubs, drive shafts, tie rods, etc...)
• Tire plugs
• Fire extinguisher
• Clean up rags, oil absorbing towels


On a trial basis, Katemcy Rocks will allow dogs under the following conditions and rules. Failure to follow the rules will result in the owner having to remove the dog from the premises on demand. If the dog owner elects to leave as well, there will be no refund of payment.

  1. A person/family can bring no more than two dogs.
  2. All dogs must be on a leash at all times while on the property when outside an RV or tent. This includes the pavilion, camping area, parking area and everywhere on the trails.
  3. Dogs shall not be permitted to roam the premises, including camp or on trails unleashed.
  4. Dog owners will be required to clean up after their dog, specifically including the removal of feces in the camp and on any trails. No one wants to step in your dog’s feces.
  5. Owners of aggressive/nuisance dogs will be asked to remove them from the property and kennel them offsite. Aggressive/Nuisance dogs are defined as including, but not limited to, dogs fighting with other dogs, growling at people, attempting to bite, any biting incident, excessive barking, chasing livestock, or any dog deemed by Katemcy personnel to be a problem animal.
  6. Violators will be given 1 warning. A second violation will result in asking the owner to kennel the dog offsite. Should there be a 3rd violation the owners will be asked to leave the event without a refund.
  7. Each dog owner is liable for the actions of his/her animal while on the premises and agrees and consents to indemnify and hold harmless Katemcy Rocks, LLC and Hofmann Family Trust, their members, owners, beneficiaries, agents representatives, heirs for any an all damage caused by the dog.
  8. Dog owners also agree to waive and claim or cause of action against Katemcy Rocks, LLC and Hofmann Family Trust, their members, owners, beneficiaries, agents representatives, heirs for damage or injury to their animal. Dog owners will have to sign a separate waiver and indemnity agreement to this effect.


“Violations" include:
  • Off leash
  • Aggressive/Nuisance behavior
  • FAILURE to clean up after your animal
  • Excessive barking